Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

Interested in becoming a patient partner?

NOAR is looking for new members to join our Patient/Participant Advisory Groups.

We want to grow and improve our ‘Patient and Public involvement and engagement’ (PPIE) so that participants, doctors and nurses, and researchers all work together. This approach may even give different results to research which only involves academics. There are different roles, for example:

Experts by Experience

By using your experience of inflammatory arthritis, we can ensure that NOAR asks the questions that are important to you. You could provide feedback on PhD research, or become a co-applicant on funding bids.

Patient advisory group

This group meets at intervals to help decide NOAR strategy and help with the design of NOAR and other research projects. You would be asked to read all our NOAR study information to make sure it is written in plain English. You might be involved right from the start of a new study to help design Patient Information Sheets and Consent forms.

PPI on specific research projects

Some PPI members have been involved with researchers or research groups for several years on specific topics of interest (e.g. the Investigating Cognition in RA study on cognitive impairment). You may be asked to test new study technology to see if it works and is user-friendly.

No previous experience of patient involvement in research is needed. You can be involved as much or as little as you would like.

To find out more speak to our Clinical Manager, Jackie Chipping.


Tel: 01603 597205